The devices for local aircryotherapy, cryoair and Cryofan, are safe and easy to use equipment for the local cold therapy. The consumables used are electricity or liquid nitrogen.

In cold therapy applied locally, a stream of cold air is dosed accurately and applied to the skin using a flexible hose. The affected area of the body is deprived of heat. Through this local heat loss, cold air relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

The local application of cold has an effect of decreasing muscle tone.
Our devices with local cold therapy are used in cosmetic treatments, laser and sport tratment, the treatment of rheumatic diseases etc.


Cryoair facial & body

It is a medical device that only consumes electricity. It can be used in hospitals, clinics or beauty salons. There are five different versions of cryoair equipment with an air flow adjustable between 350 l/min to a maximum of 1500 l/min and maximum temperatures between -32°C and -60°C. In addition, we offer optional accessories: nozzles for punctual treatment, movable arm, and hoses with different lengths.

For more information please see brochure in PDF format.


Criofan cu vas Dewar


It is a compact body care equipment that uses liquid nitrogen and electricity to obtain temperatures up to -130°C. Cryofan can be operated by any person (even without medical training). The equipment can either supplement Cryosauna procedure or can be used in case if Cryosauna procedure is not possible. Cryofan uses the same type of dewar pots with a capacity of 35 kg as Cryosauna uses.

The main advantages of CRYOFAN:

  • efficiency, silent operation
  • high uptime and ease of use
  • work temperature is achieved in about 1 minute
  • iquid nitrogen consumption does not exceed 0.5 liters of liquid nitrogen per procedure, one of the lowest consumption among similar equipment
  • skin doesn't come in contact with liquid nitrogen, but with its vapors