cryosauna business

Cryosauna as a business

Because of its exclusivity, price and its results, the cryosauna increases for surely the commercial value of the wellness & spa salons, beauty salons, gyms. That's why more and more salons are looking to expand the services and they include in their offer the cryosauna. The experts consider that nowadays there is no other procedure as easy, as accessible, with amazing results and no side-effects and contraindications as cryosauna.

KUBITECH supplies the equipment, assures the guaranty and the post guaranty services, the installation and the training of the staff. The consultants from KUBITECH are always ready to help you, to advice you where and how to install the cryosauna and which model is suitable for your business and even for your home.

Knowing all these things means that we care about our clients and we respect them, and last, but no least, the profit. Make the difference between many salons and beauty centers: the brand new CRYOSAUNA.

The large scale of indications, the big capacity (up to 20 people/hour), the easy way of using make cryosauna extremely profitable, bringing you important income. The investment is paid off in 6-12 months. Except for the liquid nitrogen, no other discharges are necessary. Given the fact that the cryosauna doesn't have any age and health restrictions, everybody can be a client!