cosmetic cryosauna

Cold therapy

Cryotherapy, also known as therapy with cold, has been practiced for centuries, in various forms (cold compresses, ice, etc). In the last years, thanks to the studies and technologies used nowadays, it was rediscovered, and even reinvented. Aircryotherapy is a branch of the cryotherapy and it consists of simultaneous cooling of the whole body in a gaseous environment with extremely low temperature. Nowadays, a lot of people, especially from Europe and North America, enjoy the beneficial effects of this therapy. It is very popular with clients of the spa & wellness centers, sportsmen or patients of famous health centers.

Aircryotherapy, known as cryosauna, is the opposite of a conventional sauna, the body being exposed for a short time (1-3 minutes) at a temperature between -120°C and -180°C. In spite of the extremely low temperatures, the body doesn't freeze because in the cryosauna, the air is very dry. In a moist air, this temperature would be, with no doubt, inacceptable for the human body. The feeling acquired during the procedure is endurable, better than the one of bathing in cold water.

The short thermal controlled shock helps system to retrieve its balance, removes the stress  and  its

consequences, reduces cellulite and the weight. Every procedure can "burn" more than 1000 kcal, which means that after 20-30 procedures, a person can loose between 7-10 kg. The cryosauna helps the cells naturally regenerate, leading up to a younger organism, stimulating the immune system, regulating the hormonal activity and the metabolism and improving the sexual functions. During the procedures, the system generates endorphins, nicknamed "the hormone of happiness", which assures an invigorating feeling of the body.

Cryosauna has curative effects too. It's a quick way of treatment and recovering after sports injuries, but also a quick way to recover after a long effort. Thanks to cryosauna, some chronicle diseases are efficiently treated. Do you want to find out more details? Visit the section Cryotherapy.

Where can we find the cryosauna?

  • Beauty and cosmetic salons (wellness & spa)
  • Gyms
  • Surgeries, sanatoriums
  • Sports club
  • Hotels
  • Private homes