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CRYOSAUNA was present at the International Exhibition Wellness & Estetika event held at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, between 4 to 7 March 2010.






Presentation cryosauna

Cryotherapy at Constanta

A trinket "cool" for girls gymnastics Olympic team

On a hot tea with Dr. Bebe Mihaescu speaking criosauna (first part)

On a hot tea with Dr. Bebe Mihaescu speaking criosauna (second part)

Cryosauna get rid of cellulite

Antena 3 has come to Iasi to see criosauna

Cryosauna to "Saptamina Mondena"

Criosauna returns to "Razvan and Dani"

"Cryogenics save silhouette" on Antena 1

Cryotherapy to Realitatea TV

Cryosauna to Criobio Bucharest

What does not kill makes you stronger. Were at -190 degrees to strengthen the body

Health: Youth by criosauna

Life is beautiful with criosauna at B1TV

Cryosauna at Terra Centrum Iasi

Sebastian Ciobanu, K1 fighter struggles to recuperate from the effort to criosana

The highly successful show "The Dr. Oz Show" is presented cryosauna and its effects Dr.OZ highlighting its benefits for health and beauty.
We recommend you to watch two video presentations end of cryosauna:

"The Dr. Oz Show" - video 1

"The Dr. Oz Show" - video 1

A revolutionary deep-freeze treatment for athletes is now being offered to the rest of us. From arthritis to chronic skin conditions the results have been startling.

Medical rehabilitation for athletes. In this report, the athlete Dathan Ritzenhein, the 2008 Olympic marathon participant and coach Alberto Salazar, demonstrating the beneficial effects of cryosauna after intense exercise training.

Dr. Jonas Kuehne shows cryosauna effects on the entire human body.

Manufacturer Criomed shows cryosauna benefits.

Cryosauna at "Razvan si Dani".

Reports about cryosauna on site.

Presentation cryosauna at TVR 3.

Patric Petre Marin learn about cryosauna.

Irina Reisler talking about cryosauna.

Effects of cryosauna

Presentation cryosauna at Antena 3 TV.

Presentation cryosauna at Antena 1 TV

Claudia Ghitulescu at Acasa TV test cryosauna

Cryosauna at event Estetika&Wellness 2010

Presentation cryosauna at Kanal D

Presentation cryosauna at Realitatea TV