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Practical guide of cryosauna's applications

AirCryoTherapy (ACT) is a method that consists in simultaneous cooling of the whole body surface in a gaseous environment with extremely low temperatures (up to -180°C).

The basic medical efficiency of cryotherapy is related to stress stimulating influence upon hypothalamic-hypophisial-adrenal system and with stimulation of the peripheral blood flow as well. It was explained the influence of ACT of the human body also by the intervention of the neuropeptides system and by synthesizing of the endogen endorphins.

ACT increases the microcirculation and improves the trophic processes from organs and tissues, has an intense immunomodulatory character, activates the detoxification system of the body.

ACT has maximum medical efficiency. Its efficiency is given not only by the temperature level from the cryosauna, but also by the rate of the temperature decrease.

The variety of the therapeutic mechanism achieved by ACT determines the spectrum of its clinical uses.

Here you can find a practical guide of the applications of ACT, structured in 5 chapters:


Physiological Datas

The effects of the cryosauna

Indications and contraindications

Clinical basics of ACT