cryosauna scheme

Technical characteristics

Technical features

  1. The temperature from the cryosauna is achieved in maximum 30 seconds.
  2. During the procedure, the temperature from the cryosauna can be adjusted between -110°C and -180°C.
  3. Size: 1550 x 1230 x 2200 mm (the variant Lux dimensions: 1550 x 1230 x 2450 mm)
  4. Voltage: 220V ±10%, 50 Hz. Absorbed power: 1,5 kW
  5. Capacity: 20 people/hour or 80-100 people/8 hours.
  6. Maximum weight of the client: 120 kg
  7. The liquid nitrogen consumption:
    For the initial cooling of the cabin: up to 3,5 kg
    For a procedure, depending on its length: 1 si 3 kg
  8. The weight of the cabin is not above 380 kg.


It is recommended that the space addressed for this activity to have at least 12 m². To evacuate the nitrogen out of the room, the cryosauna has a forced evacuation system. That's why there must be a ventilation hole of at least 130 mm in diameter into the exterior wall, into the window or into the ventilation bay.


The maintenance of the cryosauna means only its heating (drying) after every 10-20 procedures. This can be done using the control panel. The liquid nitrogen pot must be changed after 7-15 procedures. WARNING! You must avoid the skin contact with the liquid nitrogen!

The cryosauna doesn't need any other maintenances. In case of any dysfunction, please contact the supplier.

The only discharges are the liquid nitrogen and the electricity.